It had been a year since the lock down started and we are still adjusting to this new normal. The lack of interaction with our classmates and the professors made it very difficult to navigate through three semesters. But fortunately zoom class sessions and online tutoring gave a hand to perform well in the classes.

I should say that stress of the virtual learning took a toll on many people’s mental health including myself. It is sometimes over whelming to try to work on everything in the contained room without any other outside interaction. We all are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in the form vaccine. Let’s hope everything would be back to normal form now onwards. We all should be proud of our selves that we all were in this together, supported each other and now are graduating together.

I would like to thank my capstone advisor, Dr. Scott Feister for his support and guidance throughout the project. I would also like to thank all frontline workers for risking their lives to combat this disease. 

Meera Thierumaran

Class of 2021