Party Out!!! is a website which is created to benefits the parents to celebrate the milestone of their kids.

Human Centered Design

This Website is the result of human centered design. When I was planning on doing my capstone, I always wanted to be a solution to any of the problems in my community. The initial step was to figure out the problem in my neighborhood was conducting interviews. The below are some of the concerns/problems my neighbors were having

  1. Their kids are lacking social skills as the result of remote learning.
  2. Many mom and pop stores are unable to survive the pandemic so they are closing their stores permanently.
  3. There is no good platform for the parents to find a good caterer to cater their special events .

I incorporated all of this concerns and decided to create a website to solve two problems. One is to give more exposure to the local vendors to connect with their community. The other one is to make the job easier of the parents when they want to find a cake vendors, photographer or food vendor to cater their kids’ special mile stone parties. I have added only three services in the website and planning to expand more in the future.

How it works?

The local vendors will register themselves in the website by giving their details. After that initial registration, they will be cleared to the next step by doing a background check. Then their name, details and the contact information would be added in the database.

The feedback from the community

The end result of the website is very much appreciated by the community. I showed the website to the people whom I interviewed and they really liked this idea. Some of the constructive feedbacks would be it would be more secure if there is a login page or sign up page for the users. I couldn’t complete it in the given time but I will try to implement it in the future.

The below video shows on how it works.

The below is the website, you could check it out!!

Party Out!!!

I get the self satisfaction that I am able to find a solution for a problem in my local neighborhood. Although this website is not fully functional and live, I am planning on gathering more data to add value to this website. Also, I am planning on showing this website to the local vendors to get constructive feedback from them.

What is Next?

This website is not fully mobile responsiveness, so I am planning on working on to add that feature to this website.

Human centered design is an on going process. We have to change the outcome based on the feedback from the customer and also the time. Technology is changing with the time so as developers, we have to cater that in our design. Next steps would be advertising this website locally so the local vendors will be able to know about this website. In this way, the traffic to the website would go up.